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About Us

Hello, we’re Shepherd

A passionate team of business operators with years of experience hiring overseas.
The year we started hiring staff in
The Philippines.
The estimated cost savings of hiring outsourced equivalents.
The average annual salary of full-time candidates we send our clients.
Meet everyone

Your Team of Shepherds

Experience from both sides of the world
covering all aspects of hiring & talent assessment.
Marshall Haas
Co-Founder & CEO
Joemer Embernate
General Manager & Co-Founder
Jacqy Gulrajani
Operations Manager
BR Estrada
Project Manager
Naddy Sanchez
Project Manager
Oyence Reyes
Creative and Brand Manager
Jara Soriano
Senior Project Manager
JP Ocat
Project Manager
Pammy Hernandez
HR & Training Manager
Vanny Quezon
Senior People and Operations Coordinator
Bea Candaza
Senior Client Relations Manager
Nika Perez
Talent Assessor
Era Cruz
Talent Assessor
Jeffrey Hernandez
Assistant Recruitment Manager
Josh Cunanan
Project Manager
Kate Peñascosa
Recruitment Manager
Marie Monreal
Senior Talent Assessor
Monique Quilang
Talent Assessor
Shara Diones
Talent Assessor
Timmy Bacani
Senior Talent Assessor
Zia Amante
Project Manager
Nadine Bustos
Talent Scout
Cheen Manlutac
Senior Talent Scout
Iwi Benedicto
Sourcing Manager
Hazel Hilario
Senior Talent Scout
Joy Bindoy
People and Operation Coordinator
Kier Pasion
Talent Scout
Tine Gillo
Senior Talent Scout
Shaina Hipolito
Talent Scout
Sweet Cell Yabut
Talent Scout
Ryuhiko Yato
Talent Scout
Kriscel Capati
People and Operation Coordinator
Rox Sarmiento
HR &Training Coordinator
Ash Gillo
Community Manager
Erika Umali
Multimedia Designer
Kla Lee
Client Relations Manager
Kris Capati
Client Relations Coordinator
Chanel Aldaba
Client Relations Coordinator
Sandra Dela Cruz
Project Manager
Emman Roxas
Assistant Sourcing Manager
Marie Louise Manalili
Talent Scout
Monina Salamanca
Talent Scout
Toni Monreal
Talent Scout
RJ Enriquez
Talent Scout
Nicole De Guzman
Talent Scout
Kissa Pensotes
Talent Scout
Chas Petines
Talent Assessor
Mae Anne Reyes
Talent Assessor
Alex Gimpaya
Talent Assessor
Grace Chico
Talent Assessor
Danica Silerio
Talent Assessor
Ali Galeno
Talent Assessor
KJ Pangan
Talent Assessor
John Gillo
Talent Assessor
Coleen Español
Talent Assessor
Our History

We’ve been doing this
for a long time

We started Shepherd after a decade of hiring overseas in our own businesses
Marshall's first business starts outsourcing to The Philippines
Marshall's first business was an architectural rendering firm. You know those "coming soon" signs for new construction showing what it's going to look like? The company made those. Marshall focused on the US operations while the renderings were crafted in the Philippines.
Need/Want opens and hires part of its remote staff in The Philippines
Marshall and his co-founder open a startup studio called Need/Want. They start several e-commerce brands, most notably Peel - creators of the original super thin iPhone case. The company is 100% remote, run by a mix of US and Philippine employees.
Our boutique hospitality business opens, with back office tasks done from The Philippines
Marshall and his partners start a boutique hospitality business. Our team in The Philippines coordinates daily cleanings, handles guest interactions, and responds to customer inquiries.
Shepherd launches to help other businesses find great talent in Asia
With 10+ years of experience hiring remote staff in The Philippines, Shepherd is ready to help you hire amazing remote employees in The Philippines.

Ready to work together?

We'll find you amazing remote employees in the Philippines.